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Frequently Asked Questions

NO! The great thing about a pure Broker is that we CAN’T hide our compensation. Its out there for you to see!

Pay is bi-weekly and we do accept requests for payout faster (as little as 2 days)

YES! If your state allows, we can pay either 1099 or W2!

None. We do all this for our Loan Officers. Our support staff will retrieve all the information directly from the investors to take care of this.

We allow our Loan Officers to work independently but we believe in a team atmosphere! We have a scenario desk, slack channel for leads and updates, and meetings that we hold for guidelines and general information.

We believe in giving you complete control of your processing team. We do offer preferred contract processors that are in all the states we are in and 100% commissioned based but you are absolutely not required to use them

Yes! We have a Loan team available for a small fee that can set up files, retrieve documents and handle all third party requests. They can be used as your concierge for various lenders until you become acclimated.

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