Why should you work with Keypath?


We have top tier pricing from some of the best wholesale lenders


Loan Team to help you set up files. Compliance to let you do what you do best, sell.


We have built our Company around YOU. Build your brand, build a team, Originate on YOUR terms.

The best of All

worlds pay plan:

$995 per loan plans & you keep the rest!
Revenue Share Bonus Plan

$995 Transaction Fee

 Originators collect revenue on each transaction equivalent to their elected compensation. Loan originators are compensated 100% of their elected compensation less $995. Loan originators remit an $89.99/month technology fee.  

Originators are compensated individually on a 1099 basis as independent contractors where permitted. For W-2 states, Originators are compensated 87.5% of their compensation after deducting the $995 transaction fee. Originators are responsible for all of their individual expenses.* 

Originator will receive a $500 Bonus for any transactions funded from a referred Loan Officer.

You refer 3 Loan Officers that close 3 loans a month every month, you would receive a bonus of $54k a year residual income as long as they kept the same production.  Refer 3 more Loan Officers the next year?  Now you are making $100k+ if they all produce 3 loans a month!

How much MORE will you make
with our model? Check it out with our built-in calculator!

Time to give your self a raise







Current Income


Unlock Your Potential

We believe great Originators should be compensated accordingly.  You shouldn’t have to give half your commission away for support or to pay for managers you don’t need.

Client Testimonials

Come see what other Loan Officers are saying about KPM

Bill Madonia

“Since I have started here, I am actually able to see my kids”

Daniel Chaney

“With more pay, I was able to build out my team the way I wanted”

Ross Tammen

“They give you the support you need without taking half your pay”

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